Right here at Catch-A-Cab we believe we are the best and market leaders and here is why.
We are really free!!
Many alternatives offer similar services by text. To that we offer a downloadable phone app. Not only is this a cooler format with great unambiguous visibility (and still real-time connection may we add), it also saves you texting a premium number for same service.
We offer you more
Many alternatives contact your nearest firm which usually means just the one option. At Catch-A-Cab we contact multiple firms in your area giving you more choices and access to the best deals available. You can even compare prices before selecting the firm. How cool is that?
We reward you
Who else rewards you for making bookings? Check out our CabMiles loyalty program.
We listen
Your relationship doesn't just end after the service, we give you the option to feedback on each service you use and we use this information to ensure better quality services in the future.
We provide instant bookings for private hire services in real time
You can now take down that minicab number from your refrigerator. Catch-A-Cab.com is all you need to remember now and installing one of our phone apps instantly connects you to thousands of private hire companies in the United Kingdom.

We provide you with a real-time booking service for minicabs and other private hire vehicles by contacting the local firms around you. The search results returned are real time responses from real people responding from nearby offices and therefore even a booking request for an immediate pickup is possible.

As part of our duty of care we only use minicab and private hire firms that are fully registered with their local transport authorities and who employ fully licensed drivers with fully equipped vehicles.

Our service allows you to compare prices, pickup availability and provides service ratings from previous users, leaving you well informed before making a booking. We also have a loyalty scheme which rewards frequent bookers with free minicab journeys. Sign up here to start collecting cabmiles.

One stop shop
No need to remember your local minicab telephone number. No need for telephone directory assistance. No need to call around various cab firms requesting availability. Catch-A-Cab.com is all you need to know now and does it all for you.
Customer Care
We only use fully licensed firms who are regulated annually by their local transport authorities. You are safer booking with us.
One request, multiple options. You are not limited to one single offering. Avoid being disappointed by relying on available cabs from a single firm. Catch-A-Cab.com helps you spread your bets
Price Comparison
Ever been ripped off? Well that is about to end. We give you our own estimated prices for your journey. And if that is not a enough, you can request a real-time price quote from multiple firms around you
Better Service
We offer user ratings (for each firm), driver names and even the make, model, colour and registration of the pick up car. We also have loyalty schemes too.
Booking through us is a great way to get around issues experienced by those who may have difficulties in speech and hearing. You can also search for services that provide wheelchair access for passengers.
We have an iphone app that locates where you are and automatically sets your pick up point when booking. How handy is that on a late night Friday after a few drinks? We are also on facebook and twitter.
Save the phone bill
Using our online service saves a phone call. Every little helps!!!
Booking efficiency
The combination of our 2-way DriveTime technology with prime-class customer service, ensures that bookings are processed efficiently and customers are always up-to-date about their status.
Speed, comfort & Reliability
Avoid telephone queues, engagements and annoying misunderstandings by booking online. Cab firms are contacted instantly after submitting a request and your data entry avoids confusion on both sides. Furthermore our technology allows you to see if the booking has been accepted by the cab firm and for what time.
The combination of our 2-way DriveTime technology with prime-class customer service, ensures that bookings are processed efficiently and customers are always up-to-date about their status.

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